mark behnke demos

April 30, 2007

my friend mark behnke came over tonight to have me master some 4 track demos to digital for him. here’s a sample, about my city is the song title…

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The Patriot Band

April 29, 2007

1981 party records, the patriot band doing the rodeo song was a jukebox classic here in Wisconsin.

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heres a bonus episode of my podcast get drunk and play records. its mostly 60s singles from my personal vinyl collection. enjoy!

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April 25, 2007

Here’s a local Wisconsin 45 by a band called the nite-cappers from Two Rivers. Band members were wayne brunner, mike burek, and bob squire. T.R Special is about shipping on the great lake michigan, and names pretty much every city on its shoreline. TR is Two Rivers, a town about 5 miles to the north of where I live in Manitowoc. The flip, out of sight is a decent country song, by the last verse there’s traces of rockabilly sneaking in. Anyways, here are the nite-cappers.

TR Special listen online link

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Out Of Sight listen online link

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Fucking Boneshakers

April 22, 2007

Last summer (2006) a band called the Fucking Boneshakers asked me to record em. The band members are Dr. Filth (Functional Blackouts), Dan (VeeDee, Brides), and Justin (Sneaky Pinks). While they were in town I took em swimming down by the sewage plant and showed em the pride and joy of Manitowoc, a WWII submarine that was built here.

We recorded 10 songs live in my basement on stereo quarter inch reel to reel at 7 1-2 ips. Tonight Dan called and asked me to master the stuff for possible release and send him a copy. Heres 2 of the tracks. Enjoy!

Fucking Boneshakers Track 1 Link
Fucking Boneshakers Track 2 Link

Fucking Boneshakers Track 3 linkFBpic

Public Disgrace Demos

April 8, 2007

Alright, here’s Manty hardcore band Public Disgrace with some recordings they did back in the 80’s. Never released anything on vinyl, so unless you lived on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan back in the day, you never heard ’em.

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The Four Rebs

April 8, 2007

Here’s the premiere of my new blog I haven’t put any thought into really. To kick things off in a nice offensive way I present you with a chapter of American history that most people would probably like to forget. On REBELETTE R-001, here are THE FOUR REBS with WE MUST UNITE and THE GREAT SOUTH. Similar to Johnny Rebel, both musically and subject-wise.

We Must Unite Link

The Great South Linklabel scan