LSOK LP Progress

May 26, 2007

you have no idea how much trouble it was to get this bank draft. it took 2 days of me and amber calling and going to every bank in this bumfuck town before we finally found one who knew how to do an international bank draft, the required currency to order a lathe cut record run from mr peter king of new zealand.

thats a reduced quality image of what the cover of the record will be. we’re having 70 made and about 60 are sold. preorders are OVER and this record will not be available through retail or distros. the records also come with a bonus DVD-r.

here are links to listen online with the streaming player or download the mp3 of both sides:


Album Track List
side A
norbs intro
i want your ass (atom bomb outtake)
beth and jill are hot (orig)
kristina kay is gonna get raped (orig) diff than soulseek version
dad rapes me (yeah yeah)
watching tv
mindless contentment
ready aim fire!
atom bomb (demo version)
i want action (demo version)
crying crying (orig)
we dont need you
meteorite (demo version)

side B
timebomb tom kicks lsok off stage
teenage trash (alt mix)
test tube
neutron bomb
you make me ill
teenage nihlist
break my heart (alt take)
jack the ripper (alt take)
gimme smut
i dont wanna get a job
secret agent vietnam
19 and nowhere
untitled ’03


May 21, 2007

just got a copy of the reish from b miller(only 2 known original copies), the A side is a nice garage track but its the b side that i cant get out of my head, “such a love” hauntingly beautiful. very hypnotic and sure to get a million spins around here. get a copy from norton.
listen online link
mp3 download link

last night we played a benefit show here in town. i recorded it live to multitrack tape and heres some of the songs

Surf Ninjas

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mp3 download link

Bad Sammaritans

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mp3 download link

Pink Reason

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the first record on kryptonite was teenage trash by last sons of krypton. roy actually had to call the pressing plant and stop a different record from getting made, LSOK with jamie evolution on vocals. originally it was supposed to be entirely different songs on the record.

this one was gonna be the first on side b, h-bomb. the announcer at the beginning is jamie with the tape pitch sped up.

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photo by shimon/lindemann

bad sammaritans

pete-vocals, guitar




money rolls in, fang cover.

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flower leperds

May 7, 2007

here’s the original mix of preachers confession.

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WHEN IT CUM’S ? IT COMES………….. ////////// we were five fucked up lazy mother fuckers who fucked shit up the best we knew how. and got better at it as time went on ! We turned mother fuckers out, and left a trail of fucken destuction ! //////////////// LEPERD fans are true to the core , the scars they allowed us to give, emotional & physical are proof right …………..Angie? /// //////// When mother fuckers saw our 1970 baby-blue Ford econoline van pull up, with a driver POURED in the seat behind the wheel, a BLACK raggidy mop doo in the face , cock-eyed and rolling to the back, and nodding ….. tired from driving several hundred miles/and many hours ! drinking and drugging all the way…………. THEY got the ~”F U C K”!!~ out of the way !!!! for fear of getting run over by the doped-up, drunken bunch of greasy long haired, psycho moon howlen, maniac freeks!! driving the swerving baby blue van from hell, a previously used (( L.A. COUNTY MEAT WAGON! )) guess it stayed a MEAT WAGON !!!! it had a faulty tie-rod, problem’s with the fly wheel, and a starter that would’nt stay on the motor, & over heated ! but, we made where we needed to go ! ////// THANX GOES TO OUR (( MOTHERFUCKING )) ROAD CREW ! WORKING HARD TO GET THE BAND and THEM-SELVES; DOPED-DRUNK-GIGGEN & FUCKED ! ALWAYS !! ////// THANX !!! ////// PAUL “BINKIE” EPLEY – RICK”the dick” HONIKER(R.I.P.)- BRIAN BROWN- MARK”KNUCKLES”ARSHAMBOLT- ect. and a few others 😉 ……………. Other bands ran from fear of getting their equipment jacked, by.. CRACK TEAM OF EXPERT CROOK PROFESSIONALS ! the LEPERD ROAD CREW! weather they ( the other bands ) admit it or NOT ?….it was funny, to us ! ////// (we honestly didn’t know how we ended up with a ’67-8 Fender Mustang, a white Anniversery Edition Marshall half-stack, a vintage Gretch snare and 4 brand new Zildjian cymbals)…………………. AND A WHOLE SHIT LOAD OF OTHER EQUIPTMENT!!!!!! OUR ROAD-CREW WOULD DO IT ON THERE OWN, AND TOLD US ABOUT IT……………………. LATER! WHEN THE DETECTIVES WERE ALREADY LOOKING FOR US ! AS……………..>>(( SUSPECTS ))<< COPS CALLING PHILCO @ MYSTIC RECORDS….. OLD DOUG MOODY RAGGING N’ PISSEN ON HIM AND US, FOR BEING ASSHOLE FUCK-UPS ! POOR PHILCO…. the FLOWER LEPERD MGR.(( baby-sitter ! )) REALLY TOOK SOME SHIT, FOR THE LEPERDS! I THINK HE LIKED IT ?…….. a little ? (( PHILIP RAVES/PHILCO )) STILL ROCKEN OUT WITH HIS COCK OUT THANX YA OL’ FUCKER, your ol’ friends,with respect………….. ((MARIO/J I Z Z // MARK “DEMON” DUDA)) //////////////////// We don’t play anymore because some of us are…… dead.. or turned goofey & hide from there ol’ friends ?… and the rest of us went to prison, now some of us are tryen to be regular joe BLOW’s… you know sears robuckes all the way,……..hmmmm? you figure whos WHO?!!!! some of surviving members are still recuperating and contemplating the triumphant come back !! JIZZ says………… R I T E ! //////////////// we wanna say, T H A N X to THE S.G.V. HOME BOYS N’ HONEY’S….& the SISSIES too ! & ALL THAT WERE THERE WITH US ALONG THE WAY ! (( WEST COVINA // COVINA )) ///////// MY CRAZY HOMMIE from the I.E.,….”get the gage” !!!! (( back to back-cuts, bumps & bruises )) JERR-BO ! thanx for being there homie, >>>>>>(( FUCK-IT ! ))<<<<<<<<<< your not still bringing home the strays….. ARE YOU ? and all the I.E. crazy’s ! y’all likes ta fuck shit up! (( M-YOUTH )) ….OH YEAH pee-per TOO! ////////// the FLOWER-LEPERD’s very own fucken rolling stone! the L.A.//HOLLYWOOD…street legend!!?? MONKEY MAN //the PONY TAIL BANDIT ! how many banks? is now tattooing some-where in the – s.f. valley? where ever he layes his hat is his home……… the above people, places & accounts are real…………… the stories are true !! and we had a GOOD FUCKEN TIME doen it all ! weather or not you enjoyed it, or not ! WE JUST DID’NT & DONT GIVE A FUCK !

Pre EvolutionsSmuts we were a band with all the same members (Roy Oden-guitar, Jamie King-vocals, steve smut-bass, bradx drums) called the Dropouts. When we first started we had only 5 songs and were asked to play at a party out in the country. The problem was that people started showing up before the kids parents left town, so there we were setting up in his backyard, and when the van showed up with 7 half barrels of beer the parents decided not to leave town.

There was about 15 cars, our band, and a van full of half barrels driving around backwoods Wisconsin caravan style looking for a place to host our underage drinking party. Driving around the outskirts of Rootin Tootin Newton we noticed a large group of people gathered at an out of business bar. It was some sort of city picnic/wedding and there were well over 200 people there.

An agreement was struck up between the beer owners and the event planners to tap 3 of the kegggs if they would let our band play. The event organizer looked suspiciously at our tiny radio shack PA and shitty practice amps and asked us if we could play any Metallica or Sabbath. We assured him we could and set up on the outdoor paved area where all the people were.

We played the same 5 songs over and over for about an hour before people caught on. they kept asking us to play something they knew and we kept saying we would right after a few more songs.

fast forward a couple hours of playing the same 5 songs and jamie king stage banter like “all we want is another vietnam, VIETNAM IN THE USA!!!” or “lets play the dating game, who here between the ages of 14 and 50 wants me to fuck em?” at one point he fell over and couldnt get his arms out quick enough so he landed right on his face which was all cut up.

it was down to a core crowd now of about 75 or so heavy drinkers, and they invited us inside if we would finally play some music they knew. we set up inside and did the same 5 songs over and over again for another couple hours until they finally shut the power off on us during a particularily bad cover of louie louie.

later that night/morning i went to jail.

steve smut says:

One of my finest Wisconsin memories…
It was almost 10 years ago but I remember it like it happened yesterday….
I still can’t believe that we managed to convince the wedding party (that was going on in the bar’s banquet hall), that we would play Zerplin and Sabbath in exchange for free food…
30 second songs like “Jacking Off In My Backyard” and “Baby Gimme Some Head” OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN to a wedding audience that kept begging for Ozzy!
If I remember right, that was the reformed Dropouts first “show”. All of our cords and 1 watt amps got soaked with beer and I kept get electrocuted everytime I touched the bass strings!!!
Oh yeah Brad…. I remember I bailed your ass out of jail and you still owe me like $150 or something.
It would be cool if you can dig up that turd, ‘cos I remember at the end of the audio tape you can actually hear them turning off the elctricity and kicking us off the “stage”… very funny…

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photos by shimon/lindemann

Here is an unreleased 7″ outtake of the Evolutions covering the Chob classic, “We’re Pretty Quick”.

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photo by shimon/lindemann

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