KR-001 teenage trash

June 17, 2007

LSOK had recorded our third 7″ that was supposed to be kryptonite 1 with jamie evolution on vocals but then our real singer, RJ called and said he was coming back to WI for a couple months so roy had to call united record pressing and have them hold the order so we could write and record some new songs with RJ.

We recorded it on the sunday he got into town, but it was a fucked up weekend for me. I was homeless at the time and pretty much drifting from party to party or sleeping in garages. that friday I went to a party at the trailer park where the parents were out of town and there was endless booze.

Its sort of hazy but I do remember having people hold me up and put a guitar on me at one point, it felt like being part of a human freak show. anyways it was about 2 days of nonstop liquor and then it was sunday morning and I had to walk back to town and figure out recording

Teenage Trash is the only record I ever produced intentionally lo fi. the vocals and bass are both ran through a Radio Shack pa amp into 70s home stereo speakers, its why whenever theres vocals the bass cuts out. the recording was sounding too clean so I took an old metal CB “noise” mic and hung it in the middle of the room, cranked the gain and blended it into the mix almost like an effect.

I was very hung over and intentionally tried to make things sound extra distorted, I was listening to alot of childish at that point. the drummer (trent) hated it. roy loved it. brent never played with us again.

Me and rj worked out each of our originals together and recorded them as a 2 piece for the other band members to learn from, which they immediately did and then we recorded all 4 songs in a row on the first take, first time playing them as a band. jack the ripper we had been doing live for years. everything was recorded live and we didnt do overdubs. brent plays uncredited (until now) rhythm guitar on all the songs.

Roy released it in ’97 as kryptonite 001 with 5 different RJ designed covers, i did the backs. there were also 5 copies made with pink covers for the individual band members.

Eventually i got the records from Wendy and offered any combination of the Evolutions, Evolutions/Smuts, teenage trash, and LSOK/Creatures split 10 RECORDS FOR 5$ PPD!!!

Yeah, 50 cents a record. I left this deal available for a couple weeks until most of the records were gone. the ones that were left I burned.

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June 7, 2007

dick monda and band

apparently this guy did the music for some groovy goolies cartoon in the 70s and i just got one of his singles (on buddah)”boogie till my brains fall out” for 10 cents. weird shit, theres some line about tacos (and dont eat last nights tacos early in the morning-you could DIE!!!) and its totally ridiculous…
heres some mp3’s
She Wont Dance mp3
Boogie Till My Brains Fall Out mp3