sweet soul monkey

July 27, 2007

i am the sweet soul monkey. i recorded these 3 soul classics on my 4 track some time ago.

get a job

on broadway

expressway to your heart
heres a link to the mp3


a buddy holly gizmos and original song.

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track listing:


muff divin’


midnight callers

July 22, 2007

in late 2000 i was the first one to quit the evolutions. they got a new drummer, bone, and kept playing for a few months until roy moved away. jamie and bone wanted to keep playing, and about a year later we formed the midnight callers. we wrote a lot of songs but never played outside of the basement. we recorded alot of stuff but never were satisfied and never released anything, not even a demo. none of us were online.

for about 3 years we practiced every week and accomplished nothing. then one day we decided we were the evolutions again, and did a split with the fatals and an lp on no fuckin chance. many of the songs on those releases were actually old midnight callers songs. here for the first time are some demos i transferred to disc right when i got my first computer about 4 years ago.

jamie king-vocals, guitar

brad x.-guitar, bass


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track listing:

mr saturday night

pawnshop blues

someone’s gonna die tonight

me and lee harvey

i dont want to live alone

woah thar elvis


July 18, 2007

i can hear buddy holly’s voice in my head
he asked me to record one of his songs.
of course, i could hardly refuse.
he told me he wanted to channel himself through me, and he would tell me all the secrets of how he recorded so i could get a recording that sounds exactly like him at his best.
all throughout the process he was in the back of my head, “a little more midrange” or “move that mic a little to the left”
and now, ive got it!
here is a note for note perfect rendition of “everyday” played exactly as buddy told me to

Here’s some early 90s hardcore from Manitowoc, the crooks with their only single. Theres no band member info on the sleeve or record, but the back says to get eric plekans written consent to reprodce any part of it. sorry bitty, if ya want just shoot an email and i’ll take it down. otherwise i gotta assume you dont mind people hearing this long out of print piece of manty punk history. oh yeah, and thanks.

scans coming soon

click here for the mp3