we left for our camping trip near mole lake friday morning. i brought my fancy new 10 dollar digital camera with me. we camp right on the shore of the lake in a tent. its a quiet, cheap county park where you have a reasonable amount of privacy and a spring fed inland lake 6′ from your campsite. there is no electricity or running water on the lakeside sites.

the site we picked had the remains of a fire smoldering so i gathered some wood from the area and cooked us a steak to share. then we went swimming.

the water was warmer than the air which was about 70 degrees F. so clean we could see our feet.

i also forgot i still had the camera in my pocket! so i grabbed it out and took some pics

luckily it kept working. eventually we made our way back to the campsite and i played some guitar.

then we went in to town and ate at one of the 2 drive ins. we had ice cream, chicken tenders and fries. then we headed back to camp and picked up some firewood.

by that time the sun was going down so we played cards by the fire. it was cold. it got down to 40 degrees. i made a late night snack of fried potatoes and onions on the fire. amber went to bed and i sat up drinking beer and played some game boy advance while listening to my mp3 player through headphones.

it was really hard to sleep. eventually we even had to have our faces covered. i think i caught a cold.

we woke up saturday morning at about 9:30. i sliced up some potatoes and made homemade corned beef hash on the fire. it burned and tasted like shit. amber made some eggs that turned out great, and i also made bacon.

we went into rhinelander and on the outskirts of town discovered an abandoned motel. it was very old and all the doors and windows were ripped off, the decor was vastly different from room to room, even the caretakers house was abandoned and empty.

we stopped next at a lions club stand to get some fresh deep fried cheese curds. they were great!

we also did some thrift shopping where we got some records and i got a stupid hat and white dress shoes and a kids toy electric guitar/keybord thing that sounds really funny.

click below to hear one man jam toy
[blip.tv ?posts_id=349756&dest=-1]

when we got back i couldnt resist trying on the hat and doing some faux down syndrome type poses

there was still a bit of a fire going so i cooked us some burgers and amber made beans

then we watched a seagull pluck a crawfish from the lake just across from our site

we were cold and tired and finally decided to pack it up and head home saturday night. we left around 8pm and hit green bay just as the packer preseason game was ending, finally getting home about 11:30


live in milwaukee basement boombox recording

click here for mp3

black girl then and now

August 4, 2007

black girl

brent peters, aka black girl, played guitar for last sons of krypton in 1996-97. he played on the kristina kay and teenage trash records. the pictures above are him in 1996 and him tonight. we watched some videos, got wasted, and recorded this 30 second clip of batman.

heres the mp3

sick fits

August 3, 2007

a couple years ago this band from canada came down and i set em up a basement show. they recorded 2 songs with me in my basement that were supposed to be a single but unfortunately that never surfaced.

here are the recordings, produced by me and i play synth on the second song

mp3 link
sick fits

best of 2001-03

August 3, 2007

the years i spent away from making records were in some ways the most fruitful. before i had the internet and just sat around all day thinking about music. i remember spending hours just imagining if i could have a kitchen and even some basic shit like noodles or potatoes how happy i would be… i would lay awake at night and parts of songs would form in my head, then when i was at band practice i would record a drum part and then add the guitar and vocal parts that were already in my head, or when we finally did get a place and i would wait for the guy downstairs to leave and then spend all day working on recordings

anyways, heres some of the best originals i recorded during the “lost” years… and a cover of brown sugar with my dad on sax, he nails the solo!!!
right click here and save link as for mp3