January 28, 2008




January 28, 2008

evolutions first 6 song demo tape, 5-99
jamie king-vocals
roy oden-guitar

next is a comp i put together, was supposed to release as a cd and never happened. asked for bands to send tapes when lsok were in mrr. the band names i remember are blue onion, the lombardis, i love rich, the tantrums, thee insects, lots of other crappy mid 90s bands.

heres foxy, my favorite NE WI punk band from the mid 90s, this “weapon x demo” was produced (4 tracked) by boris the sprinkler drummer. they put out a really good 7″ and had a track on a compilation. this is a 6 or 7 song demo of them.

then the gem i found tonight was one of the first songs i wrote with my pal manu

circa ’92-93
“i want” was usually lsok’s set opener live and was featured on the sawmill comp cd in 97. heres the original version with keyboard drums and my terrible backing vocals.