farfisa spinet chop!!!

August 12, 2008

my pal mark b recently mentioned he had gotten a farfisa at the local thrift store for $15. i assumed it was the relatively common pianorgan, a reed air organ. however, to my surprise when i visited him the other day it was actually an electric spinet!

i had brought some tools with me so i opened it up and sure enough, the internals are basically the same as my compact deluxe. i was thinking “lots of spare parts” so i offered him double his money, 30 bucks for it.

the problem being it was too big and wouldnt fit in either of our cars (he had it delivered to his house by truck). so, i returned to my house and grabbed a circular saw and some other tools, returned and did some rewiring, and eventually chopped the thing down!

the whole adventure was documented on video, from before i even saw it for the first time until its totally chopped in 6 minutes or so.



well, tonight after work i was bored so i decided to try it out on a song. i did “dinah wants religion”, a song i have never learned or played before on any instrument, entirely from memory and without listening to the original.


here’s video of the internals



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