4 track mixes part 1

April 14, 2009

after landing on the cover of maximumrocknroll in december of 1996, ann and myself headed down to join our singer RJ in florida.


i switched to drums and we got a guitar player named james.


he was a tool.

we were hoping to find a drummer, because james could hardly hold down barre chords and i wanted to get back on lead.  there had been some new material, RJ wrote “Air Raid” and i wrote “Ready, Aim, Fire!”


after some concurrent practices we started to get pretty tight but didnt have anything to record with other than a boom box.  i was at a coffee shop RJ liked to hang around at one night, and a guy there mentioned he had a 4 track so i asked him to come over.  we told him he could try out on drums, but he couldnt really play at all so we just used his 4 track and recorded these songs.


i only had 2 mics at the time, so the sound is left and right room mics, with overdubbed vocals and lead guitar.  this was recorded in 2-97.  here are 8 songs we recorded that day.



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