new file sharing info

April 14, 2009

i spent much of the last week mixing down old 4 track tapes, something i havent done at all since getting a decent 24 bit A/D converter.  some of these songs have been on records, but were mastered off CD-R converted on this same computer’s 16 bit sound card.

the sound on these latest mixes is great, theres alot of classic shit here, much i havent heard in years!  these are presented in album format, meaning whatever format you listen to music on, it will sound great and contains all the proper tags, track listing, and album art, when applicable.

the albums each contain 5-10 songs and are a relatively small 10-15 MB in total size.  in order to easily share these and future files as the individual songs they are, and to allow you the ease to skip through and use all the features your computer, ipod, mp3 player or CD player allow, i am sharing these as .zip files.  winzip and winrar work to unzip the folder, but i suggest free program 7zip if you dont already have one.

lots of new stuff coming soon!


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