LSOK 4 Track Mixes 1998

April 15, 2009

it wasnt long after we moved down to FL that everyone involved in LSOK other than RJ moved back to WI.  RJ would come back from time to time and we would play a few shows and record new material, most of which came out on vinyl in one form or another.


here are 10 more songs that are either unreleased or alternate versions that we recorded in 1998 with RJ on vocals/bass, brad x on guitar/bass, and trent on drums.  4 track recordings, some of the songs have the vocals ran through a distortion pedal.


these are fresh mixes off the original tapes, i just finished them.   high quality mp3s, a properly edited and tagged album, for free.  check out the cover art!


2 Responses to “LSOK 4 Track Mixes 1998”

  1. fwit said

    sounds pretty cool

    did any of this stuff make a showing on the lathe cut album? bloody peter king

    • bradx said

      several of the songs are on the album, but thats not really a proper release. many of them are entirely unreleased, or alternate versions. peter kings records sound fine at 45 speed, i crammed too many songs on the master and at 33 speed the sound quality did suffer, but i dont think theres anything he could have done to make it better. its my fault for not understanding the medium.

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